I am noticing an extremely interesting aspect of this, I have XYZ syndrome (not diabetes, but insulin resistance) ..... it completely wipes out your constant appetite....it is something diabetics and XYZ people fight constantly ... a very real, very subconscious hunger, ALL THE TIME....because you are NOT assimilating sugar or carbs .... this cuts that in TWO days. I have a SERIOUS diabetic on it (he is also facing open heart surgery for plugged arteries) this should be an interesting case. He said in one week he "stopped" eating ... lost his appetite...the first time in 60 years he was "full" when he ate. Will keep you posted on his medical stats.


I have been using the sample of ProArgi-9 Plus you sent me now for just under 30 days. Let me give you the results, as I had my medical check up yesterday.

Blood pressure was 168/95, now it is 121/68. It has NEVER been that low in my entire adult life, due to the type of stress I am constantly under! Cholesterol (now remember, I am a HEAVY meat eater) was 240 now it is 190.

Blood Sugar - This had never been a problem to me, but since my stroke I am constantly craving sugar for energy (and NEVER ate sugar before.) Blood Sugar was up to 360 with no insulin (trying to control with diet.) Now it is l05 and I feel GREAT!!!! No sugar cravings! This is VERY unusual to me. Isn't this a supplement for circulatory system? WHY would it change my blood sugar so drastically?

I also notice that all the tiny broken capillaries are disappearing. This product is really quite phenominal.... you need to get ALL your adult patients on it and even some of the kids! God bless you and your loved ones and I want to wish you the very best of health, happiness and wealth in the new year!


Guess What???

I had a very pleasant surprise when I spoke with my doctor today. He reviewed my lab work which reflects about one month of my using ProArgi-9 Plus. I have always had a hard time being in the OK zone for my blood lipids and blood pressure. I expected improvement since I started on ProArgi-9 Plus, but my surprise was how MUCH BETTER the results are than I had expected or hoped for.

Here is my blood stats after using ProArgi-9 Plus for about one month.

Cholesterol = 149 - Triglycerides = 84 - HDL = 43 - LDL = 89

Also, after dealing for years with a stubborn case of hypertension (thanks to my lovely corporate job), I am pleased to report that my blood pressure is now consistently in this range.

Blood Pressure 115-120 / 55-65

All of these numbers are absolutely fabulous for me and are the first time I ever in my entire life recall them all being this good. I am amazed at how quickly I was able to achieve these results in the short time I have been using ProArgi-9 Plus.

Thank You ProArgi9!!!!!!!!


I was introduced to ProArgi-9 by Mark Comer in April of 2009. I had just lost 50 pounds and was feeling very good about my health when I visited Mark and Steve Comer at their office. Bill Styles was there doing Cardio Pulse Wave screening's and they told me to sit down and get tested. I thought I would surely ace the test, but was quickly disappointed when I found out my heart and arteries were functioning like someone in there 70's, I was only 43. At that time I began taking the V3 and really focusing on ProArgi-9. With four scoops a day to start I worked my way down to two where I continue to today.

After 90 days, I was retested. My CASP (Central Aortic Systolic Pressure) dropped from 117 to 99 and my RAI dropped from 183 to zero. My numbers are now consistent with somebody in there 20's.

Because of my quantified health improvements, I can't help but share my story with others and as a result, I make an income. That has never happened in MLM for me before.Thank you Synergy!


I believe Proargi9+ does more to improve one's health than any other nutritional supplement ever marketed. I say this because we not only have incredible testimonials from individuals as well as from numerous medical professionals, but we also have the scientific evidence that proves why ProArgi9+ does what it does. In fact, the science that validates the efficacy of ProArgi9+ was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for 1998. We absolutely know that ProArgi9+ reverses and prevents cardiovascular disease. Not only does ProArgi9+ strenghten the cardiovascular system but it strenthens every other system of the body. This cannot be denied, argued, refuted or questioned because it is all based on scientific evidence.


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