Fight Seven Signs of Aging.

88% of Users saw a Dramatic Improvement in Overall Skin Appearance.

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On Saturday June 11, 2011 when this product was launched in Canada, I had the opportunity to speak with the owner of multiple Skin Care Locations specializing in providing laser treatments, chemical peels and all skin rejuvenation therapies.
He stated Luminesce hands down is the most effective skin care solution he has ever worked with.

Based on the latest cutting edge technologies, LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum makes a powerful debut as the first anti-aging product to stimulate your body’s natural ability to replenish, amplify, and heal your skin. This powerful anti-aging serum works around the clock to restore life to your skin while simultaneously setting new industry standards. LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum contains an exclusive patent pending formula that is derived from adult stem cells and contains 200+ key human growth factors that transforms skin by gently replenishing natural levels of proteins like collagen and elastin. Look younger, healthier, and more radiant as LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum works magic, helping many people regain their youthful appearance.

  • Specially formulated with patent pending technology to restore luminosity, firmness, and smoothness of the skin
  • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and deep facial wrinkles
  • Avoid risky cosmetic procedures by opting for a non-invasive, less aggressive alternative
  • Delays the appearance of the aging process
  • Penetrates deep to restore skin’s natural protein levels
  • All natural and hypoallergenic–paraben free
  • Contains a natural wrinkle filler that preserves elasticity and firmness
  • Replenishes skin’s natural stores of growth factors and proteins that can become depleted with age
Daily application of LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum results in damaged skin cell repair and new skin tissue regeneration, leaving skin luminous, smooth, and firm. With a noticeable reduction in the appearance of fine lines and deep facial wrinkles.

LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum is an advanced skincare formula that helps to increase skin firmness, clarity and radiance while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated with the highest concentrations of our exclusive
Bio-Identical Growth Factor Complex
, this anti-aging serum delivers powerful renewal and maximum rejuvenation.

What is
Bio-Identical Growth Factor Complex?
 LUMINESCE™ contains the world’s first combination of 200+ Human-Identical Growth Factors that naturally simulate the production of proteins like Collagen & Elastin. Growth Factors are a natural part of every process in the human-body and LUMINESCE™ is formulated with every known Growth Factor to fight Seven Signs of Aging.


What are the Seven Signs of Aging?
  • Fine lines & wrinkles           
  • Rough skin texture Dull, grey or “flat” looking skin                      
  • Large, uneven pores   
  • Red, blotchy skin that flushes easily
  • Dry & flaky skin    
  • Pigmentary changes & age spots

What is the advantage of the Bio-Identical Growth Factor Complex in LUMINESCE™?
LUMINESCE™Bio-Identical Growth Factor Complex is an exact copy of the Growth Factors your body is already making. We run into problems when the body’s production of Growth Factors begin to decline. This can occur as we age, expose our skin to the sun, encounter illness or deal with the stress of daily life. When we replenish our Growth Factor with LUMINESCE™ the skin responds by producing more Collagen, Elastin and additional proteins to restore the skins youthful appearance and function.

How specifically does LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum fight the 7 Signs of Aging?
The growth factors and cytokines in the Growth Factor Complex technology penetrate through the pores of the skin and work with natural body processes to stimulate production of matrix proteins such as Collagen and Elastin. With increased production of these proteins, the  skin literally behaves more youthful.

How does LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum compare to other Growth Factor skincare products?
There is no product on the market that remotely resembles LUMINESCE™. Many products contain growth factors from plants and apples, but these are not anywhere as effective as LUMINESCE™ because they are not able to communicate directly with the skin cells like Human-Identical Growth Factors do.

Can LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum be used as an eye serum?
LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum is the best eye product you will ever use! With no parabens, fillers, waxes, oils, scents or added color, LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum is 100% safe to put on the eyelid and around the crows feet! You will Love the difference it makes!
LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum is the best lip plumpling product you will ever use!
What is the time frame to see visible results with LUMINESCE™?
Because LUMINESCE™ works in tandem with natural processes of skin renewal, visible results will vary between uses due to varying skin conditions. Many users notice a change in their skin within about one week, with moderate skin renewal in about 4 weeks. Optimal improvement in the skin is generally not reached until after about 90 days of daily use.
What happens if I stop using LUMINESCE™?
There will be no negative side effects at all, but the benefits of using LUMINESCE™ will not continue if the product is no longer used. The visible signs of aging will continue to develop.

What is the best way to use LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum?
 LUMINESCE™ comes in a pre-measured pump. One to two pumps of the product applied to the face and neck in the morning and evening is recommended for best results. This allows time between applications for the dermal fibroblast to process the growth factors and cytokines in order to perform skin rejuvenation and repair. Follow with an application of LUMINESCEdaily moisturizing complex with SPF 30.
How should LUMINESCE™ be used with other skin care products?
Apply LUMINESCE™ serum to clean skin before any other cream or serum. In the daytime follow with LUMINESCE moisturizer with SPF 30. Because LUMINESCE™ is all-natural with no preservatives, fillers or parabens it’s safe for use around the eyes and over the eyelids. This is quite simply the best eye serum money can buy!

How soon after Laser or AHA Peels can LUMINESCE™ Cellular Rejuvenation Serum be applied?
LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum should be applied immediately after laser treatments, chemical peels and all skin rejuvenation therapies. This will dramatically reduce inflammation and shorten your recovery time. Initially developed as a wound-healing product, LUMINESCE™ is the perfect addition to your personal skin treatment program.
What effect does the product have on acne and stretch marks?
LUMINESCE™ decreases the inflammation associated with both conditions, which begins the natural healing process. With stretch marks, it is best to begin using the product when they are just occurring, however, it can work over time for older stretch marks, as well.
Can pregnant women use Luminesce™ cellular rejuvenation serum?

There is nothing in the product that will harm a pregnant woman or baby, however, it is always advisable to consult with your physician.

How does LUMINESCE™ treat and prevent scarring?

LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum will dramatically improve healing and prevent the formation of a scar when used on fresh scars of any type, including keloid scars.
Is there any conflict when using LUMINESCE™ with other skin care products?
None. LUMINESCE was designed to be used with other skin care lines.

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