Natural Spa Aroma Therapy

Moya Herbal Bath Oils & Salts provide the essential compliment for use with the SG-2000 Home Spa. They are formulated and imported from Germany.

Home Spa aids in the absorption of the wellness enhancing herbs and minerals found in the Moya Herbal Oils and Moya Mineral Salts.

Moya Bath Oils - 100% essential oils , formulated specifically for hydrotherapy, they are hydrolyphic (stay emulsified in the water), each provides aroma therapy benefits that enhance the effectiveness and your enjoyment of the spa experience. For those using the spa more than once a day, they also help maintain body oil levels while promoting soft supple skin. In Asia the SG 2000 is used to maintain a youthful appearance.


Lavender: Calms, improves sleep quality, normalizes blood pressure and improves digestion.

Juniper: reduces swelling, gout and muscle aches.

Pine: soothes bone aches, aids slimming, improves neuralgia.

Chamomile: protects, cleans and disinfects skin and relieves skin allergies.

Eucalyptus: soothes cold & flu, respiratory problems and promotes healing of wounds.

Rosemary: improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, relieves migraines & lethargy.

Hayseed: soothes arthritis and lubricates joints.

100% natural Moya Aromatherapy oils increase the health benefits of the SG2000. Combinations of oils can be used to target specific conditions of the body as well promoting relaxation.

Moya Bath Salts - Mined 100 meters below a natural salt spring in Germany are rich in natural minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, sodium chloride and sulfur. Home Spa aids in the absorption of these minerals that are necessary for cellular repair and maintaining wellness.


Lemon: Promotes calmness and relaxation, greatly improving sleep quality.

Melissa: excellent for skin cleansing, exfoliation and increasing skin elasticity. (youthfulness)

Seaweed: soothes sore muscles, stimulates blood circulation, normalizes water retention and improves metabolism.

This information on this website is provided for general purposes only. The opinions and results expressed in this website are the opinions of the relevant researchers and the site owners. Information in this website is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. In fact, if you have medical concerns we want you to consult your physician with this information and seek their advice as many are aware of the published research into the use of far-infrared, massage, ozone, oxygen, negative ions,natural ultra-sound and hydrotherapy.  Our goal is to help others attain the highest level of wellness available to them. It is our hope and dream to do that in the simplest, most natural ways possible. 

We have an amazing group of medical people, researchers and facilities in Canada. They need us to take action by taking care of ourselves. Our system is becoming  more and more over-whelmed and underfunded. Cuts are in the news far too often. To protect what we have, we as individuals need to participate in Self Care solutions to reduce the burden on our health care services. We are envied around the world by less fortunate populations. Future generations  deserve quality, affordable health care. Lets work together to ensure we protect this National Treasure for today and tomorrow.

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