Oxygen Spa Results

The Shizuoka Agricultural Society in Japan conducted experiments with members who suffer from the illness listed below, 30 subjects were used for each illness. As the results are excellent, the society strongly recommends all members to use ultrasonic ozone bubble home spa to maintain good health. 

No Illness/Conditions. Length of Use No.of Successful    Cases
( out of 30 )
1     Insomnia 10-20 days      25 no longer need sedatives

2 Lack of Appetite 3-15 days 28 improve appetite

3 High Blood Pressure 35-50 days 26 show lowered blood pressure

4 Gastric Problems 35-50 days 21 show marked improvement

5 Neuralgia/Backache 15-35 days 26 No more pain

6 Foot Arthritis 24-40 days 25 No more pain

7 Neck/Shoulder Pain 5-20 days 29 do not need massage anymore

8 Constipation 7-25 days 25 have normal bowel movement

9 Inactivity & Weakness 10-25 days 28 have vitality restored

10 Frequent Headaches 10-25 days 26 have no more headache

11 Piles (Hemorrhoids)
10-20 days 30 show marked improvement

12 Cold Hands & Feet 15-20 days 29 have no more symptoms

13 Flaking Skin 20-30 days 30 show smooth supple skin

14 Lethargy 15-35 days 28 feel revitalized

15 Obesity 50-150 days 30 lost flabby tissue around waist

16 Diabetes 90-180 days
19 showed marked improvement

17 Recovery from Traffic Accident 40-60 days 27 report obvious improvement

http://www.ozoneforhealth.com/medical1.html  This site provides an excellent resource that is an easy to read summarized version of the most relevant and pertinent information with respect to ozone, it's history, usage and benefits. It explanations reiterate the results the Japanese found when they completed the study shown above. A very informative read.

Excerpts from silvermedicine.org

This document explores the use of ultrasonic wave forms and activated oxygen (ozone) for use in hydrotherapy and balneotherapy.

Luxury Spa - Ozone and Ultrasonic Waves
Hydrotherapy: Spinal Injuries, Back Pain, and Muscle Conditions

Ozone Spa
Ultrasonic Ozone Bath

Above - Taipei Shen Ching Hospital in Taiwan - Hydrotherapy Center

Ultrasonic Ozone Spa Therapy

O3 Molecule - OzoneOne of the most amazing ozone therapy devices we are currently testing is the portable ozone ultrasonic spa. This device, which easily fits into a standard or Japanese style bath tub, is an excellent addition to hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, and ozone therapy protocols. In fact, we believe that every hydrotherapy center, hot springs resort, and spa facility should employ these units for the great benefit of their patrons.

Our co-researchers have enjoyed testing this device so much the author has had extreme scheduling problems trying to fit everyone in.

As an addition to recuperative and rehabilitation therapy for individuals recovering from sports injuries, back injuries, spinal injuries, muscle and tendon problems, the ultrasonic ozone spa is nothing short of miraculous. Muscle tension and stress is released from the body from the very first 30 minute session. Users report an increase in lucidity and mental clarity. Mobility and range of motion are quickly increased with those who experience generalized chronic neck, shoulder and back muscle tension.

Skin problems begin to resolve within a few weeks, provided that the ph of the soft tissues is maintained through correct diet, and any dehydration issues have been resolved. Users describe that they have never before felt as "clean" as after using the spa; even those very familiar with other forms of balneotherapy.

While the ozone spa is not a replacement for medically managed rehabilitation of muscle, spinal, and other structural damage to the body, this device may offer hope to those suffering from chronic pain and degenerative "structural" conditions, through long term and daily use of the ultrasonic ozone spa.

Ultrasonic Waves

Ultrasonic waves are produced by pumping air through a special mat that sits on the bottom of the spa tub. The pressurized air is forced through chambers in the mat which are lined with 300 tiny holes. The end effect? Thousands of air bubbles are forced out through the mat. As the bubbles cascade and collide with each other, hundreds of thousands tiny bubbles are produced. The effect is similiar to that of a waterfall: Naturally produced ultrasonic wave forms that penetrate deeply into the body, from 60,000 ~ 100,000 Hz, including far infrared wave forms ( FIR ).

Via resonant adsorption, the lymphatic system is stimulated from the inside out. It takes roughly 10 minutes for the ultrasonic therapy to penetrate fully into the bones. The result is a gentle heating from the inside out which produces an enhanced detoxification effect which we have demonstrated and verified through experimentation. Detoxification is not dependent upon actual heat therapy, but water temperature warm enough to open pores may provide an enhanced effect.

Because the ultrasonic wave forms are produced with kinetic energy, a full deep tissue massage effect is present. 30 minutes of therapy is equivalent to jogging 6 km, although with the added benefit of each and every muscle receiving stimulation.

Due to the muscle stimulation, 300 to 400 calories are actually burned for every 15 minutes of therapy. Due to the resonant adsorption with lymphatic system stimulation, the body's natural thirst mechanism is often quickly reactivated, giving an individual an opportunity to correctly rehydrate the body with quality water.


A separate silicon hose is provided, which feeds ozone into the bath through an attached wide-faced diffuser. The concentration of ozone is below the true medical/therapeutic 5%, entering the bath at about 3%. The ozone works immediately in redox reactions, oxidizing dead skin and other waste products, while at the same time producing an abundance of "activated oxygen", O-, simple peroxides, and organic peroxides.

The ozone is turned on while the bath is filled with water, in order to help saturate the water with ozone prior to entering the bath. Combining the ozone with the ultrasonic waves provides greatly enhanced skin detoxification, even when compared with ozone steam sauna therapy.

Feeding the ozone through the bath water provides an enhanced effect of creating an abundance of negative ions in the air ( as compared with ozone actually fed directly into the air, where ratio of ambient ozone to negative ions will be less ), which creates a very pleasant and healthy atmosphere. Upon turning the spa unit on, 20,000-30,000 negatively charged ions have been measured directly above the turbulent water.

The combined effect of the ozone and ultrasonic energy provides a therapeutic spa experience superior to hot springs therapy and other forms of balneotherapy. Combined with other forms of hydrotherapy, the experience is enhanced ( including discliplines such as pelotherapy and aromatherapy ).

**Editorial Note from the site owners**

The article above was written by researchers at  Taipei Shen Ching Hospital in Taiwan - Hydrotherapy Center. They were doing research. Too much of a good thing too soon can be counter productive. We suggest that sessions start at 10 minutes on low bubbles and work up to higher intensity of bubbles at a maximum of 15 minutes unless you are very physically fit. Your body does get passive exercise and like any new exercise routine you work your way up in time and intensity or you can find yourself over tired.

  The Oxygen Spa has been shown to provide symptom reduction for each of these conditions. By working with your closely with your doctor while using the Oxygen Spa, you may be able to reduce or eliminate medications that have severe side effects and negative impacts on other areas of your body. Oxygen Spa Hydrotherapy combines the best of ancient knowledge with modern technology to provide simple, effective, enjoyable solution's for many symptoms with only beneficial side effects.  

Product Certification for the SG 2000

csa mark for  the home spa

This homespa device has passed the safety compliance testing and has the insurance coverage for US and Canadian markets.

ce mark for the home spa

This home spa has been certified by CE for European market.

Certification by DNV, which is one of the leading world-wide registrars for certification of ISO 9000, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, TL 9000, SA 8000 & CE Mark.

ccc mark for the home spa

This home spa has passed China Compulsory Certification.

This information on this website is provided for general purposes only. The opinions and results expressed in this website are the opinions of the relevant researchers and the site owners. Information in this website is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. In fact, if you have medical concerns we want you to consult your physician with this information and seek their advice as many are aware of the published research into the use of far-infrared, massage, ozone, oxygen, negative ions,natural ultra-sound and hydrotherapy.  Our goal is to help others attain the highest level of wellness available to them. It is our hope and dream to do that in the simplest, most natural ways possible. 

We have an amazing group of medical people, researchers and facilities in Canada. They need us to take action by taking care of ourselves. Our system is becoming  more and more over-whelmed and underfunded. Cuts are in the news far too often. To protect what we have, we as individuals need to participate in Self Care solutions to reduce the burden on our health care services. We are envied around the world by less fortunate populations. Future generations  deserve quality, affordable health care. Lets work together to ensure we protect this National Treasure for today and tomorrow.

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