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24/09/2010 E-mail sent by Rex Johnson of Hot Dog Heroes - Rex has been suffering from a herniated disc since April 2009 

  • Rex Johnson(hotdogheroes@gmail.com)
Hey Guys!

Had another ozone bath and it's like an instant rush of rejuvenating
energy! I deliberately refused to use my pain medication before the
bath and was in pretty rough shape when I got there.

After the bath, the pain was noticeably lessened and I had a
tremendous feeling of energy, almost like a boost from an energy drink
or something. It allows me to continue working and loosens the muscles
in my back much like a massage would do.

I suggest that you guys check it out for yourself. If it helps me, and
I'm pretty sore, it should do wonders for you guys who are in good

One more thing. I slept like a baby without sleep aid or any pain.
Felt well rested and not the usual grogginess that I feel in the
morning before Timmies...lol!
Violet W. - Leduc - Bone cancer 24 years ago - collarbone and 2 ribs removed, in constant pain with severe headaches. 9/2/10 after 2nd Oxygen Spa
After my first oxygen bath, I had my first full nights sleep in 24 years! The spa left me pain free, very relaxed and flexible. We have decided to purchase the oxygen spa as it provides such a wonderful relaxing massage that I can have when ever I need it. I live in constant pain and by the end of the day it is almost unbearable. I don't know what the oxygen spa does or how, but I know it works. I feel so good for a couple of days afterwords it is almost unbelievable! What a godsend. 
Franklin A. -  Edmonton 


I am young and healthy. My oxygen spa was far more that I expected. It is hard to explain until you have one. WOW! You do get a cardio work out and a massage and a very powerful bubble bath all at the same time. I always feel good but I don't have time for much relaxation. I really feel like I had a work out followed by a massage. My girlfriend tried the oxygen spa when she was in Europe and loved it, now I understand why.
13/07/09 e-mail to Home Spa Edmonton

I am a massage therapist who has suffered from low back pain and have had trouble falling asleep at
night for years. After my very first try of the home spa, my back pain was gone and is still gone.
I also now fall asleep shortly after my head hits the pillow "wow". I bought the spa for my own personal
use and now I offer it to my massage clients. My clients have told me it helps them relax, sleep and
clears their sinuses.
I am very thankful to own such a wonderful machine and am exited to see the home spa SG2000
help more people in the future.

Linda L. - Edmonton

Tina B.- Leduc 


I have severe arthritis but am only in my 40's. Mornings were pure H___ and it didn't get much better after that. I could not walk a block due to constant and severe pain. Taking pain killers concerned me as I know long term they can do a lot of damage to our organs.

I couldn't believe how great I felt after my 1st bath. Using the spa on a daily basis( my treat when I get home from work)I am no longer on any pain killers, I can easily walk miles, I have been able to take on far more physically and mentally challenging work. Having the spa for the past year has improved my enjoyment and quality of life so much.

Being pain free and not needing pain medication has added a lot of living back to my life. I hope you girls can get the spa to everyone who needs it because no one deserves to live with constant pain or the stress of it. I wish everyone who has severe arthritis could feel as good as I do now.
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 16:34:40

Hi Deb,

Oh my gosh.  I love my new spa.  I have used it twice and still learning all about how it works.  That was so wonderful of you to take the time in writing all about assisting others and how you do this. Thank you, thank you!!!!!  

As I progress with using the spa I am sure I will want the aromatherapy's in the future.  Just today though I had to get a shower curtain due to the water splashing everywhere as my shower is separate from my tub.  So, as I said, this is a fun growing experience.

You have been such a wonderful help and so very kind.  

Thanks again and I send you much love & light,


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