Please note that units purchased in North America are serviced out of Vancouver, Canada. Units purchased from  overseas distributors will be serviced by those countries and shipping costs will be charged accordingly. This is an excellent website that explains ozone, it's history and how beneficial it is with respect to numerous conditions and diseases.  A great short video that shows the spa in action from a  very informative Hong Kong website.  This website explains in detail about the use of this amazing product to improve many common conditions. It also explores and explains LTBS (Low Body Temperature Syndrome) which is present in so many health conditions affecting North Americans today.  A very informative website from Asia, lots of good information.  Check out some great testimonials in the Hydrotherapy section.  The research section is very informative and well worth reviewing.  Another great website from Asia , check out the research section. Also wort a read are the testimonials and the blog section. A very well put together website, definitely worth reviewing.  - archives

The #1 Secret to Living Longer and Looking Younger

February 17, 2010

Water is the most essential element for life. It can increase your energy, AND help you shed pounds, live longer and look and feel years younger! Learn how to maximize your H2O!

A wonderful link to a website from Asia where they have done a wonderful job of demonstrating the effectiveness of the Oxygen Spa for a multitude of health and wellness challenges that they speak to are listed below :

Using Hydrotherapy for the lower back

Treating Arthritis with Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy benefits for Diabetes

Hydrotherapy for Insomnia

Treating the rest of the body with Hydrotherapy

Also not limited to:

Asthma, Arthritis, Backache, Childbirth, Constipation, Certain Cancers, Depression, Diabetes, Eczema, Fungal Infections, High Blood Pressure,

High Cholesterol Level, Insomnia, Gastric problems, Gout, Menstrual Cramps, Migraines / Headaches, Neck / Shoulder Stiffness, Obesity,

Osteoarthritis, Parkinson ’s disease, Piles, Post Surgery Healing, Pulmonary Disease, Primary Varicose Veins, Sprains, Stroke, Sweaty Hands,

Sexual lethargy, Cramps – Warm in the water increases circulation, and also reduces muscle-spasms, helping to relieve pain. Particularly useful to menstrual cramps

Links: (type or copy these into your top search bar if your search engine is not successful in retrieving any of them)  (Very very informative website) (great video explanation) (50 separate hydrotherapy/balneotherapy resources)

Cat Spa

Doggie Spa

This information on this website is provided for general purposes only. The opinions and results expressed in this website are the opinions of the relevant researchers and the site owners. Information in this website is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. In fact, if you have medical concerns we want you to consult your physician with this information and seek their advice as many are aware of the published research into the use of far-infrared, massage, ozone, oxygen, negative ions,natural ultra-sound and hydrotherapy.  Our goal is to help others attain the highest level of wellness available to them. It is our hope and dream to do that in the simplest, most natural ways possible. 

We have an amazing group of medical people, researchers and facilities in Canada. They need us to take action by taking care of ourselves. Our system is becoming  more and more over-whelmed and underfunded. Cuts are in the news far too often. To protect what we have, we as individuals need to participate in Self Care solutions to reduce the burden on our health care services. We are envied around the world by less fortunate populations. Future generations  deserve quality, affordable health care. Lets work together to ensure we protect this National Treasure for today and tomorrow.


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