Burn Calories
Cardio Workout
                                 Pain Relief
Feel Great
                                 Sleep Well
Pamper Yourself 

Luxury Worth Coming Home Too!
Ancient Knowledge meets Modern Technology

Privacy - The Home Spa allows you to enjoy the deeply relaxing bubble massage spa in the privacy of your own home and bath tub!

Convenience -  You choose when you would like to have the spa, anytime, day or night. 

Portable - The Home Spa is powerful, while being totally portable. The portability allows you to:

  • Take your spa with you when you move or sell your home.

  • Share the spa with family or friends who can also enjoy the benefits.             

  •  Pack this treasure and take it with you when traveling.  

Economical - The average spa treatment can be costly and time consuming, as can a visit to a Natural Hot Spring location.  Reap all the  benefits of both in your own tub without the expense! The Home Spa only uses 500 watts of power, which is far less than most hair blowers.

Personal Hygiene - The Home Spa SG-2000 provides cleanliness and safety every time you use it. Ozone generation in The Home Spa SG-2000 spa is actually 3,000 times more effective than chlorine as a disinfectant.

One Year Warranty

Lifetime Servicing 

This information on this website is provided for general purposes only. The opinions and results expressed in this website are the opinions of the relevant researchers and the site owners. Information in this website is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. In fact, if you have medical concerns we want you to consult your physician with this information and seek their advice as many are aware of the published research into the use of far-infrared, massage, ozone, oxygen, negative ions,natural ultra-sound and hydrotherapy.  Our goal is to help others attain the highest level of wellness available to them. It is our hope and dream to do that in the simplest, most natural ways possible. 

We have an amazing group of medical people, researchers and facilities in Canada. They need us to take action by taking care of ourselves. Our system is becoming  more and more over-whelmed and underfunded. Cuts are in the news far too often. To protect what we have, we as individuals need to participate in Self Care solutions to reduce the burden on our health care services. We are envied around the world by less fortunate populations. Future generations  deserve quality, affordable health care. Lets work together to ensure we protect this National Treasure for today and tomorrow.


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